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July 30, 2014 at 5:56 PM

To 1st and 2nd BN Currahees (3rd Bde, 101st) and 3rd BN Currahees (1st Bde, 101st)

Excerpted from The Screaming Eagle weekly Army newspaper
Vol. 1, No. 37 -- 101st Airborne Division -- December 9, 1968 -- page 8


Lt. Col. Robert Arter, 1/506
Capt. John W. Hendrix, 1/506
Lt. Thomas S. McCullough, 1/506
SFC Benjamin F. Cathey, 1/506
Pfc. Boyce R. Dick, 1/506 (posthumous)

Capt. William P. Burrier, 2/506
Capt. Thomas H. Eller Jr., 2/506
Capt. Charles E. Nation , 2/506
Lt. Glynn W. Hale, 2/506
Lt. Arthur E. Hawthorne, 2/506
Lt. Edwin G. Winters, 2/506
Plat. Sgt. Charles N. Wilson, 2/506
Staff Sgt. Walter W. Capps, 2/506
Sgt. Roger A. Sutliff, 2/506
Sgt. Gerald M. Wick, 2/506
Spec, 4 Ellis C. Arnold, 2/506
Spec. 4 Dennis L. Bean, 2/506
Spec. 4 Joshua E. Carney, 2/506
Pfc. James D. Nunn, 2/506
Pfc. Michael M. Scott, 2/506

Staff Sgt. Willie Washington Jr., 3/506
Spec. 4 David A. Maxwell, 3/506


1st Bn., 506th Abn. Inf.

Sgt. Ronald E. Sayers
Spec. 4 Peter D. Corson
Spec. 4 Eddie W. Masters
Pfc. Danny L. Smith

2nd Bn., 506th Abn. Inf.

Maj. Thomas F. Schatzman
Sgt. Ralph W. Newby (1st O.L.C.)
Spec. 5 Gregory L. Klemish
Spec. 4 Larry D. Barry
Spec. 4 Jose B. Cruz
Spec. 4 James C. Jackson Jr.
Spec. 4 Karl H. Kramer
Spec. 4 David W. Spencer
Spec. 4 Michael S. Tarpley
Pfc. Chester C. Clinkscale
Pfc. Roberto G. Guevara
Pfc. Jerry L. King
Pfc. Charles K. Limer
Pfc. Stephen O. Whaley

3rd Bn., 506th Abn. Inf.

Lt. James B. Cosgrove
Lt. Barry Meyerson
Staff Sgt. Stacy L. Raynor (1st O.L.C.)
Spec. 4 Wayne A. Johnson (1st O.L.C.)
Pfc. John R. Bittner
Pvt. Douglas A. Henning

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