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These reports were gathered from the National Archives website. They are provided here to show an example of the information that can be obtained from records at the MACV level of the command structure. To search the online holdings of the archives, go to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) homepage and select The Research Room link. From there you can link to the NAIL database and enter your query.

After Action Reports

Contains a summary of Operation Holly and the after action report of the 1st Ranger Group (ARVN) for Lam Son 719. Operation Holly was the code name for the Bob Hope Christmas Tour of 1970. Mr. Hope visited the 101st Airborne during this tour at Camp Eagle. Many 101st Airborne and 3rd Brigade units supported Lam Son 719 around Highway 9 near Khe Sahn, and many 101 pilots flew the ARVN soldiers into the battle. The Lam Son 719 report gives a good overview of the difficulties the ARVN had during this battle in Laos.

Operation Holly (Bob Hope Troupe Visits 101st AO)

Lam Son 719

Hue (TET 1968)

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