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We have attempted to limit the number of records one needs to search to find specific information by ordering the records by unit, type and date. You may find documents for a specific period in the various command levels. Generally, reports from the 101st Airborne Division will not have as much specific detail as Daily Staff Journals filed from the battalion level.

The Vietnam War was the most documented war the United States had had to date. Due to the amount of records available the records from the Vietnam era will be more plentiful than those from World War II. The Association thanks Dick Curtin for providing the copies of the World War II documents provided on these pages.

The Official Documents Site is the work of Tom and Dan Shepherd son's of SFC Thomas C. Shepherd Sr. B 2/506th killed in action March 24,1971. Tom and Dan began searching for information on their father and realized quickly how hard it is to find "official" information. Their search on the internet and at the National Archives gave them an understanding of the work and cost needed to recover information. Tom and Dan hope that this site will help others searching for information on the 506th.

The documents on this site are images of official records from NARA, the National Archives Records Administration. Page loading may be slow depending on the speed of your particular connection and the size of the specific file. Some records were scanned as larger files in order to make the image as readable as possible. Generally the lower the quality of the printed document the larger the file size will be. You may notice a page missing in some documents. Pages that the quality was so poor the information could not be read were intentionally left out. If a poor quality page has some readable text we will post the page and seek to improve the quality over time. We will attempt to reconstruct poor quality pages without changing the historical record contained in the document.

If you have documents pertaining to the 506th Infantry that you are willing to share please pass them on and we will add them to this site. As we receive documents this section will be updated.

CSM(r) Gary Huber Webmaster for the Society of the Fifth Division website. The page provides a great site with documents of interest to the 101st Airborne Division and the 506th Infantry. If you are interested in Lam Son 719 visit the site.

If you are just surfing the net looking for information on the 506th Infantry and found this page through a search engine, don't miss visiting our other pages. The home page for the 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association (Airmobile - Air Assault) contains History, Lineage, Honors as well as a Memorial to Currahees killed in action and missing in action.

If you would like to copy any of these documents you can break away from the java script by going to the Document Copy page. This page will give you direct access to the image files. There are no instruction on how to copy these pages. This link is provided for those people who have a little knowledge of copying images on the Internet.

A Pocket Guide to Vietnam


A 42 page pdf by the US Armed Forces Information and Education, Department of Defense. The book was issued to NCO's deployed to Vietnam.


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