506th Airborne Infantry

Regiment Association

Officers and Directors of the Association for the period of May, 2020 to May, 2022 are:

Chairman: Craig Oglesby (GWOT)                                      President:  1SG(R) Jim Daigle

Secretary: COL(R) Joe Johnson (Vietnam)                         Treasurer:  SGM(R) Chris Donavant (GWOT)

Director: Fred May (Vietnam)                                               Director: LTC(R) Joel Hamby (GWOT)

Director: LTC(R) Dave Schulz (GWOT)                                    Director: Wesley Bass (GWOT)

Director: Bob Leibecke (Vietnam)      Director:  Jimmy Summer (GWOT)

Chaplain: Dave Canter (Vietnam)                                        Admin & Quartermaster Sales:  Tina Daigle

This represents a changing of the guard. This is the first time that the predominance of the board is comprised of members from the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) era.

Officers and Board of Directors

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