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3rd Brigade Vietnam

Operational Reports - Lessons Learned -from 1968 to 1971. These reports present a good overview of the brigade activities for each period covered. After a summary of the brigades' activities in the beginning of each report, the reports then lists the significant 'Lessons Learned' for the reporting period. At the end of each report is a list of all the units in 3rd Brigade for the reporting period. This list can be used to identify which unit had Operational Control (OPCON) of another unit. This is useful in the event further research is desired and the unit you are looking for has no records for a certain time period. More than likely the unit was OPCON to another unit and that unit was responsible for the paperwork. This is especially true of the many Task Forces that were created during Vietnam.

April 30, 1968, June 30, 1968, July 31, 1968, October 31, 1968

January 31, 1969, April 30, 1969, July 31, 1969

April 30, 1970

April 30, 1971, October 31, 1971

After Action Reports - these reports give a fairly detailed description of a significant event or operation. The reports presented here were attachments to the Operational Reports. They include Operation Golden Sword, the brigades' relocation from the III Corp to I Corp in late 1968, and three reports on sapper attacks at the specified Fire Support Bases.

Operation Golden Sword 11-15-68

FSB Sword 2-23-69

FSB Jack 3-27-69

FSB Berchtesgaden 6-14-69

Operation Toan Thang Phase II 1968

Situation Report - these pages were taken from the 3rd Brigade Daily Journals. They give a brief overview of daily activity during operations Jefferson Glen and Lam Son 719. Tallies of the operations progress up to the date shown can be found within these documents.

March 24-25, 1971

Civil Affairs - this report was an attachment to an Operational Report. It contains an overview of the brigades activities with the civilian Vietnamese population.

July 15, 1969

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