506th Airborne Infantry

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fire support base locations

July 26, 2014 at 10:25 PM

A Company, 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry

July 17-19, 2009 -- Nashville, TN

The locations identified in this table were taken from the reports in the Official Documents Section of this site as well as other documents and published resources.

We have attempted to be as accurate as possible in listing names, locations and units who used the locations. However with multiple units in various branches of service there is a wealth of conflicting information available. Where conflicting information is found for locations, names or coordinates the information is identified in the Additional Information column.

The Google Map Coordinates column contains the information needed to find the location using Google Maps. Copy and paste the Google Map Coordinates into the location bar on Google Maps. We will be adding more locations as time goes on. Come back often.


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Google Map Coordinates

18th Surg Hospital   Quang Tri  
67th Evac Hospital   Qui Nhon  
85th Evac Hospital YD 879146 Adjacent to Phu Bai Airport  
95th Evac Hospital   Danang  
A Med   A Company 326th Medical BN supported the 1st Brigade 101st Airborne Div.  
B Med   B Company 326th Medical BN supported the 1st Brigade 101st Airborne Div.  
C Med YD 541318 C Company 326th Medical BN located at Camp Evans supported the 3rd Brigade 101st Airborne Div.  
SPT Med   Headquarters and Support Company 326th Medical BN located at Camp Eagle supported the 101st Airborne Div rear elements.  
A-1 YD 270236 Also listed at YD 270732  
A-2 YD 214738 Also listed at YD 213734  
A-3 YD 174721    
A-4 YD 113703 Con Thien  
Airborne YD 354071 Also listed at YD 355072  
A Luoi YD 386000 Village in the Ashau Valley  
Alpine XD 761531 XD 775531 3rd Marine Division  
Americal BT 290230    
An Hoa      
An Khe BR 465467 Camp Radcliff  
An Lao Valley BR 685430 N to BR 6264 4th Infantry Div  
An Lo Bridge YD 623302    
An Loc   Americal  
Angel YD 186487    
Anne YD 559039 Also Spelled "Ann"  
Anzio YD 929072    
Apache YD 629222    
April ZA 058409 Fire Support Base  
Argonne XD 756532 XD 676573 3rd Marine Division  
Arizona Territory      
Armageddon BR 420645 aka LZ Armageddon  
Arrow YD 798107 aka Panther II  
Arsenal YD 818080 FSB aka Nui Khe Tre or Hill 140  
A Shau   Village & Special Forces Camp/airbase at the southern end of the Ashau Valley.  
Ashau Valley   Western Thua Thien Province streching from the village of A Shau on the south to the Elephant Valley in the north along the Laotian border. Major NVA infiltration route and NVA base Area 611.  
Ax ZC 002910    
Ba Long YD 0941 12th Mar Arty 1967, 6-105mm  
Baldy   Americal, aka LZ Baldy  
Banana Mountain   Hill 434, 3Km N of Nui Ke  
Barbara YD 329337 also listed as 328336  
Barnett XD 199322    
Base Area 202 BR 130307    
Base Area 226 BR 7263    
Base Area 611   NVA HQ in Laos near the Ashau Valley  
Base Area 702 YA 0975    
Bastogne YD 620095 Also listed at 625095. Thua Thien Prov, I Corps.FSB Due west of FSB Birmingham along  
Bayonet   Vicinity of Chu Lai and adjacent QL-1 on its W side.  
Ben Het      
Berchtesgarden YD 423004    
Betty YD 339501    
Bible XD 945623    
Bien Hoa YT 013142    
Birmingham YD 704101 FSB aka Hill 90, appx 12 km SSW of Hue City along Hwy 547. North of the Song Huu Trach (west branch of the Perfume River) and approximately 8 km east of FSB Bastogne. Built during Operation Jeb Stuart March or April 1968.  
Blaze YD 539023    
Blitz YC 766962    
Boise YC 941970    
Boxer BS 311197 Americal, built 1 Aug 69 by 1st/502d Inf  
Boyd YD 735134    
Bradley YD 278119 also listed asYD 278122, Hill 1021  
Brick YC 835995 Hill 132, 2d Bde, 101st 69-71  
Bronco   Americal  
Bullet YD 490143    
C-1 YD 213672    
C-2 YD 137647 C Battery, 5th Bn, 4th Arty, 1st Bde, 5th Inf Div (Mech)  
C-3 YD 143611    
C-4 YD 313725    
Ca Lu YD 012455 14 km S, 4 Km E of Rockpile, also YD 015455 3rd Marine Division, used by NVA for their coventional Artillery during the 1972Easter Offensive  
Cam Lo YD 130593 12th Mar Arty 67, two 155mm  
Camp Brooks   Da Nang  
Camp Carrol YD 063547 aka Camp J.J. Carroll, 12th Mar Arty  
Camp Eagle YD Between Phu Bai & Hue, W of QL1, Originally named LZ El Paso when 2d Bde of 101st Abn landed there in Feb 68, en route to Quang Tri.  
Camp Elliot XD 983545

Near Rockpile, Rt 9 ran through Camp Elliot

Camp Evans YD 541318    
Camp Hockmuth YD 885135 aka Phu Bai Combat Base, Camp Hochmuth, home to 101st Airborne Division  
Camp Radcliff BR 465467 An Khe 4th Infantry Div  
Camp Reasoner   Hill 327, near Da Nang, LZ Finch used by USMC Recon  
Camp Roberts      
Cannon YD 029472    
Cates YD 926443    
Catherine YD 466112 also listed at YD 476111 and as Cathryn, Catherine & Kathryn  
Cathryn YD 466112 also listed at YD 476111 and as Cathryn, Catherine & Kathryn  
Cathy YD 583231 If this is not an error it was located approximately 12km southeast of Camp Evans and 16km west of Hue. Also called Erskine in some documents. Not to be confused with Kathy or Katheryn.  
Cecile YD 379981 Tre Lit, just West of Hwy 538 in the Ashau Valley  
Center   Americal  
Charger Hotel   Americal stand-down billets, Chu Lai  
Charlie Brown   3/5 Cav base in Ashua AKA ?  
Charlie Ridge      
Checkmate YD 633083 Directly N of Bastogne  
China Beach     16.056325, 108.247802
Chu Lai   Chu Lai Base  
Chu Pa Mountain YA 9537 also YA 9568  
Chu Prong Mountain AR 765680    
Cindy YD 192411 aka Hooker  
Con Thien YD 113703 aka "A-4" & Con Thien Combat base  
Crows Foot BR 7277    
Cu Chi XT 6516 506th 3rd Brigade home 1968  
Cua Viet YD 342698 Port Facility, 12th Mar Arty 67.  
Cunningham YD 185134    
Currahee YC 402948 Located on the floor of theA Shau Valley near the intersections of QL546 and QL 547south of Dong Ap Bia (Hamburger Hill), A Luoi and north of Ta Bat.  
Cutlass YC 956947 ARVN, aka Outpost Cutlass, in FSB Brick AO  
Da Nang   Da Nang Air Base 16.050226, 108.20112
Dak Ayunh AR 9528    
Dak Payou Valley BR 1339 Also called VC Valley  
Dak Pek YB 6896    
Dak To      
Dallas YD 104144    
Dave XT 989335    
Davis YD 252291    
Destiny YC 328981 Hill 937, Dong Ap Bia Mountain, Hamburger Hill  
Dick YD 142333    
Dien Bihn      
Dodge City      
Dong Ap Bia Mountain YC 328981 aka FSB Destiny, Hamburger Hill, Hill 937  
Dong Cung Cap YD 490198 aka Hill 493, FSB Rakkasan, also listed YD 489198  
Dong Ha YD 245599 Dong Ha Combat Base  
Dottie   Americal  
Duc Lap YU 8756    
Duc Pho   Americal  
Eagle Beach YD 830330 slightly N of Tan My  
Eagle's Nest YD 406036 Hill 1487  
East   Americal  
Eden YD 035385    
El Paso YD aka LZ El Paso, 1st Cav base camp, later renamed Camp Eagle  
Erskine YD 162106 Erskine was a remote site overlooking the Song Da Krong River Valley. Also called Cathy (YD583231) in some documents  
Falcon YC    
Fat City   Americal  
Fern XD 929625    
First YC 864833    
Four Corners   Danang home of First Tanks  
Foxy YC 405975    
Freedom Hill      
Freedom Hill PX     16.034198, 108.174052
Fuller YD 019593 aka Tam Lam Bac in Central DMZ area  
Fury YC 534846    
Georgia YD 420033 Hill 1242, E & S of Eagle's Nest, also YD 419029  
Geronimo YD 652202 aka Noi Hon Vuon , scene of battle for d/2d/501st Inf, 101st Abn 20 Mar 68, later site of FSB T-Bone, commanding view of Hue, also YD 691201 and YD 690204  
Gio Linh YD 218732 12th Mar Arty 67, 4-175mm, 6-105mm  
Gladiator YD 416211 Construction started 29 Mar 70  
Goodman YD 324078    
Granite YD 437190 also listed as YD 432197  
Hai Lang YD 415479    
Hai Van Pass     16.186733, 108.129917
Hamburger Hill YC 328981 aka FSB Destiny, Dong Ap Bia Mountain, Hill 937, in May 1969 it was home to the 7th and 8th Battalions of the NVA 29th Regiment.  
Hammer ZC 020941    
Hardcore YD 450509 Adjacent Utah Beach, later renamed Wunder Beach  
Hau Duc BT 073063 Americal AO, 1st Bde HQ 69  
Hawk XD 907401    
Hawk Hill   Americal  
Heidi YD 274273    
Helen YD 515219 Hill 674, S of Jack on Rocket Ridge, also YD 515220  
Henderson YD 081411 also listed YD 085408  
Henry YD 688093    
Hill 10   1st/11th Mar Arty  
Hill 1000      
Hill 1021 YD 278119 aka FSB Bradley  
Hill 1242 YD 420033 aka FSB Georgia SE of Eagle's Nest, also YD 419029  
Hill 132 YC 835995 aka FSB Brick  
Hill 140 YD 818080 aka FSB Arsenal and Nui Khe Tre  
Hill 1487 YD 406036 aka Eagle's Nest  
Hill 246 YD 625144 ARVN FSB built Apr 71 SE of Bastogne  
Hill 246   aka OP King turned over to ARVN 4-10-71  
Hill 2979 XD 948312 aka FSB Leatherneck  
Hill 309 YD 652202 Visible from & S of LZ Sally, aka Nui Hon Vuon or Hill 309, later site of FSB T-Bone, aka Geronimo, commanding view of Hue. Also identified at YD 659-201  
Hill 327   aka Camp Reasoner 1st Mar Div HQ, Division Ridge, 3 Km W of Da Nang  
Hill 434   Banana Mountain, 3Km N of Nui Ke  
Hill 474      
Hill 493 YD 490198 aka FSB Rakkasan, Dong Cung Cap, also listed YD 489198  
Hill 542 YD 324258 aka FSB O'Reilly  
Hill 55 AT 965615 HQ 1st/11th Marines Artillery  
Hill 666 BR 398690    
Hill 674 YD 515219 aka Helen, S of Jack on Rocket Ridge, also YD 515220  
Hill 805 YD 362188 near Ripcord Hoi An  
Hill 90 YD 704101 aka FSB Birmingham  
Hill 937 YC 328981 aka FSB Destiny, Dong Ap Bia Mountain, Hamburger Hill  
Holcomb YD 118431    
Hooker YD 192411 aka Cindy  
Hornet YD 048375    
Houng Dien YD 629428 Village  
Hua Duc (old)   Americal  
Hue     16.467201, 107.560516
Hue MACV Compound YD 767218 estimated  
Hustler BT 298030 Americal AO  
Hwy 547   East/west road to A Shau Valley built by 101st Engineers in 1968  
Ia Drang Valley ZA8007 east to ZA9007    
Jack YD 498282 also listed as 495285 and 447288  
Jane YD 379437 aka LZ Jane  
Jeanie   FSB on South China Sea coast  
Jerome YD 187274 also listed as YD 189283  
Jose YD 533185    
Karen   Americal, aka LZ Karen  
Kathryn YD 466112 also listed at YD 476111 and as Cathryn, Catherine & Kathryn  
Katy YD 433151    
Keene XT 604017 Duc Hoa District close to Phouc Vinh in III Corps  
Kelly YD 404119 aka LZ Kelly  
Kham Duc   Americal?  
Khe Gio Bridge YD 026561    
Khe Sanh XD 852418    
Kon Honong      
Kon Horing      
Ky Ha      
La Son      
La Vang XD 795360 Village see Lang Vei  
Lang Minh Mang YD 748132 Elaborate, walled tomb of Minh Mang, 1 Km SW of Pohl Bridge near confluence of Song Huu Trach & Song Ta Trach were they become Song Huong, the Perfume River.  
Lang Vei XD 795360 Village & Special Forces Camp SW of Khe Sahn, see La Vang  
Lang Co Bridge AT886956    
Langley YD 023358    
Le Trung AR 9247    
Leatherneck XD 948312 Hill 2979  
Lejune XD 968534    
Liberty Bridge      
Lillian YC 497857    
Liz   Americal  
Long YD 522217    
Los Banos AT 831999    
Lucy YC 424944    
LZ Abby BR 747818    
LZ Action BR 264470 4th Infantry Div  
LZ Alamo YA 950880    
LZ Alpha   Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Abn  
LZ Ann   Vicinity of FSB Vehgel  
LZ Aquarius BR 457600    
LZ Armageddon BR 420645    
LZ Arnold Trail BR 726607 Crows Foot area  
LZ Augusta BR 801727    
LZ Baldy   Americal, aka FSB Baldy  
LZ Baxter BR 185719    
LZ Big Windy BR 158244 also called Big Wind  
LZ Blackhawk BR 035535    
LZ Blue   Laos, Lam Son 719, Viet Marines  
LZ Bravo   Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Abn  
LZ Brigit ZA 015164    
LZ Brillo Pad YA 962855    
LZ Brown   Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div  
LZ Buckeye BR 078276    
LZ Bunker Hill YA 995826    
LZ Burgess YA 901386    
LZ Cajun BR372921    
LZ Center   Americal, abandoned 11 Aug 69, 3/21st Inf  
LZ Challenge BR 628822    
LZ Cider      
LZ Commanche YA 432691    
LZ Conquest YA 601401    
LZ Courage CR 023725    
LZ Currahee YA 427525    
LZ Delta   Laos, Lam Son 719, Viet Marines  
LZ Delta 1   Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div  
LZ Denise BR 520512    
LZ Don   Laos, Lam Son 719, Viet Marines  
LZ Doris BR 061342    
LZ Dragon YA 443059    
LZ East   Americal  
LZ El Paso YD aka FSB El Paso, later renamed Camp Eagle  
LZ Emelia BR 477595    
LZ English BS 877077    
LZ Finch   Located inside Camp Reasoner near Daang and used by USMC Recon  
LZ Frustration BR 273462    
LZ Gator   Americal, S of Chu Lai.  
LZ Hard Times BR 613607 4th Infantry Div  
LZ Hipshoot ZA187112    
LZ Hooper BS 483074    
LZ Hope   Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div  
LZ Hotel   Laos, Lam Son 719, Viet Marines  
LZ Invasion YA 598445    
LZ Jackson Hole YA 902315    
LZ Jane YD 379437 aka FSB Jane, 1st Cav.  
LZ John Henry BR 674708    
LZ Karen   Americal  
LZ Kelly YD 404119 aka Kelly  
LZ Kiowa BR 337657    
LZ Lance BR 278749    
LZ Laura Kay AR 953396    
LZ Lewis BR 534973    
LZ Liz   Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div  
LZ Lolo   Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div  
LZ Lori BR 929756    
LZ Louis BR 531971    
LZ Marty BR 074430    
LZ Mary Ann   Americal, aka FSB Mary Ann  
LZ Mattie BR 225238    
LZ Mile High YA 936930    
LZ Moon   Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div  
LZ Niagara BR 421820    
LZ Number 30   Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Abn  
LZ Number 31   Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Abn  
LZ Nutmeg BR 224380    
LZ Outrider ZA 204214    
LZ Paula BR 489408    
LZ Philips YA 488639    
LZ Pluto BR 615643    
LZ Pony BR 808832    
LZ Prep   Americal  
LZ Professional   Americal, aka FSB Professional  
LZ Raquel BR 506903    
LZ Ripple ZA 205726    
LZ Ross   Americal, NW Chu Lai, aka LZ Ross, SW Marble Mtn.,  
LZ Sally YD 639275 near PK-17 & just N of Hue.  
LZ Schueller BR 367458 4th Infantry Div  
LZ Sharon YD 340497 aka FSB Sharon, Lam Son 719  
LZ Sherry BR 490690    
LZ Shophia East   Lam Son 719  
LZ Snipe BR 693613    
LZ Soper BR 331273    
LZ Sophia   Laos, Lam Son 719, 1st ARVN Div  
LZ Spearhead YA 519471    
LZ St George AR 854144    
LZ Stud YD 003488 Located inside FSB Vandergrift, was started during the relief effort for Kha Sahn Siege and renamed Vandergirft Combat Support Base  
LZ Susie BR 478908    
LZ Swinger YA 887965 Lam Son 719  
LZ Terrace BR 572753    
LZ Toughie BR 553680    
LZ Tracer AR 846592    
LZ Two Bits BR 845945    
LZ Uplift BR 927757    
LZ Ute BR 355705    
LZ Vera YA 834178 Lam Son 719  
LZ Victory   Lam Son 719, ARVN  
LZ Warrior BR 322558    
LZ Washington BQ 672705    
LZ Welsh BR 494879    
LZ Wildcat YA 595525    
LZ Winnie BR 524334    
Mai Loc YD 094444 Village and Special Forces Observation Base at YD 094518  
Mang Giang Pass BR 2251 Also called Mang Yang Pass  
Mang Mink YD 985355    
Mang Yang Pass BR 2252 Also called Mang Giang Pass  
Marble Mountain   MMAF, Marble Mountain Air Facility 16.028985, 108.252569
Mary Ann   Americal , Overrun & destroyed, late 71  
Mattie BR 225238 aka LZ Mattie  
Maureen YD 429122 also listed as YD 428119  
McNerney BR 023522 Also called Soui Doi or located there  
Meredith YA 916277    
Mewal Plantation AR 8623    
Mexico YD 405232 also listed as YD 404231  
Miami YD 153337    
Miguel YD 485206 also YD 484205, klick N & tad W of Rakkasan  
Miller YD 973361    
Minh Mang's Tomb YD 748132 Elaborate, walled tomb of Minh Mang, 1 Km SW of Pohl Bridge near confluence of Song Huu Trach & Song Ta Trach were they become Song Huong, the Perfume River, aka Lang Minh  
Mink   Fire Support Base in the vicinity of FSB Tun Tavern  
MMAF   Marble Mountain Air Facility  
Mo Duc   Americal  
Monkey Mountain      
Mooney YD 445190 also listed as 445195, 446196  
Musket ZC 094937    
Nam Hoa District HQ YD763128 ARVN, RF/PF Compound  
Nancy YD 425395    
Neville XD 2d/4th Mar, overrun 25 Feb 69, 10 KIA  
Nola YD near An Lo Bridge, 1/502d Inf, 68  
Normandy YD 690017 Nui Hon  
Nui Hon Vuon YD 652202 Hill 309, later site of FSB T-Bone, site of battle 20 Mar 68 involving D/2/501st  
Nui Ke YD 760055 Hill 618, 17 Km due S of Hue, prominent terrain feature in 1st/502d Inf AO; OP for 101st & scene of 1st/508th Inf, 3d Bde, 82d Abn (opcon 101st Div) Battle of Nui Ke 68 (included US bayonet charge!); 11 days/189 VC/NVA KIA  
Nui Khe Tre YD 818080 aka FSB Arsenal and Hill 140  
Nuoc Ngot Bridge ZD 153010    
Oasis ZA 114275 Fire Support Base  
OP Checkmate      
OP King   Hill 246 turned over to ARVN 4-10-71  
OP Phantom      
O'Reilly YD 324258 Hill 542  
Panther II YD 798107 aka Arrow  
Parrot XD 972412    
Patton   Fire Support Base in the vicinity of FSB Ripcord  
Pedro YD 250484    
Peking XD 937475    
Pepper YD 340026 also listed as YD 344024, Dong So  
Phong Dien YD 528348 Village  
Phu Bai YD 885135 aka Phu Bai Combat Base, Camp Hochmuth, HQ for 9th Marine Expeditionary Brgade & Marine Air Group 39, in 1968 home to 101st Airborne Division, 45 miles north of Danang  
Phu Bai Air Base     16.398295, 107.700763
Phu Bai Airport YD 885149    
Phu Bai Division HQ     16.393725, 107.688797
Phu Loc ZD 097007 District HQ  
Phu My BR 9467    
Phuoc Vinh XT 965485    
Phu Xuan BQ 910705    
Pike YC 664753 also YC 666753  
Pinky   between LZ Sally & La Chu, W of QL-1, named by 2nd Bde, 101st Abn Div CO (Col John Cushman) in honor of his friend Col. Richard M. Winfield, whom he met at Ft. Leavenworth and who was CO 1st Cav Div Arty in 1968  
Pistol YC 902902    
PK-17 YD 643286 "Poste Kilometre 17", adjacent 17 Km marker along QL-1, NW of Hue, ARVN Arty base near LZ Sally.  
Plei Mrong ZA 113673    
Plei Trap Valley YB 8815 to YA 6347    
Pohl Bridge YD 755144 aka, Nam Hoa Bridge, 7 Km due S of Hue on Song Huong River of Perfumes; named after Col Richard S Pohl, KIA 24 Jun 68, helicopter crash.  
Ponder YD 977012    
Powder BS 637179    
Professional BT 173077 Americal, aka LZ Professional  
Puma ZA 079218 Fire Support Base  
Quang Dien YD 674336 ARVN District HQ.NNW of Hue 10 Km, on coast  
Quang Ngai   Americal  
Quang Tri     16.775288, 107.163034
Quick I YD 911041    
Quick II YD 993897    
Rakkassan YD 490198 Hill 493, Dong Cung Cap, also listed YD 489198  
Ranger YD    
Ranger North   Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Ranger  
Ranger South   Laos, Lam Son 719, ARVN Ranger  
Razor YD 142185 also listed YD 143187  
Reasoner   aka Camp Reasoner  
Red Beach     16.099423, 108.140903
Rendevous YC 432962    
Rifle YC 462987    
Rio YD 505144    
Ripcord YD 343194 also YD 343192 in July 1970 the NVA 304th and 320th Infantry Divisions were working the area and on July 20th estimates of 9,000 to 10,000 NVA poised for a final assault.  
Robin   Fire Support Base in the area of FSB Leatherneck  
Rock Crusher ZD 027003    
Rocket YC 399903    
Rocket Box ZA 145535    
Rockpile XD 979559 The Rockpile was a 700ft high peak with sheer sides and a flat top located at a fork in the Cam Lo River 16 miles west of Dong Ha and 1,000m south of National Route 9. It dominated the landscape between Camp Caroll to the east and Khe Sanh to the south west.  
Ross   Americal, NW Chu Lai, aka LZ Ross, SW Marble Mtn.  
Roy ZD 805871 also listed ZD 057028  
Ruong Ruong Valley YC 8584 also YC 7190  
Russell XD 912592 2d/4th Mar.  
Saigon XD 818277    
Sally YD 639275 aka LZ Sally  
Sandy YD 877247    
Sarge YD 028479 also YD 038478, & "Xa'c" Nui Dong Toan, near Vandergrift  
Satan 1 YD 663222    
Satan II YD 761056    
Scotch XD 912562    
Semper   Americal  
Sharon YD 340497 aka LZ Sharon, Lam Son 719  
Shepard XD 945420    
Sherida BR 690558    
Shiloh   Rt 616 ran between Shiloh and Leatherneck  
Shock YD    
Sledge ZC 067920    
Smith YD    
Snapper XD 8435    
Song Ba River BR 4745 SW to BR 345285 south to Phu Nhon  
Song Bo River   from the Ashau Valley in the southwest to north of Hue, An Lo Bridge & FSB Nola  
Soui Doi BR 023522 aka FSB McNerney  
Spear YC 683921    
Stella YD 465244    
Stinson   Americal  
Strike YD 576172 Nui Khe Thai  
Stud YD 002493    
Summer YD 098443    
Susie YD 271423    
Sword YD 425312    
Tam Ky      
Tam Lam Bac YD 019593 aka FSB Fuller in Central DMZ area  
Tan My YD near Eagle Beach, Ferry & POL facilities  
Tan Phu AR 764813 Kontum Province  
Tanh Canh ZB 0622 Kontum Province  
T-Bone YD 652202 Visible from & S of LZ Sally, aka Nui Hon Vuon or Hill 309, later site of FSB T-Bone, aka Geronimo, commanding view of Hue. Also identified at YD 659201  
Tenearu XD 827316    
Tennessee YC 552961    
Texas YD 020356    
Thor YC 665835    
Three Forks Area YD 5012    
Thunder YD 216176    
Tieu Atar ZV 021622 Darlac Province  
Tiger Mountain YD 239118 also called Tiger Tooth Mountain,also listed at XD 830545 and BR 9393, Due north of Khe Sanh, Dong Voi Mep, reported at 5500 feet and 1701m, Highest terrain feature in northern I Corps, always held by the NVA  
Tomahawk ZD 811255 also listed ZD 117014  
Torch XD 907278    
Tra Bong   Americal  
Tun Tavern YD 059328    
Turnage YD 252090    
Uptight   Americal  
Utah Beach YD 494565 renamed Wunder Beach 3 Apr 68  
Vandergrift YD 003488 also YD 002488 at base of hill with FSB Sarge, LZ Stud  
VC Valley BR 1339 Also called Dak Payou Valley  
Vehgel YD 549036 On QL 547 near Rao Nai river and FSB Blaze in the Ashau Valley  
Vic YC 632868    
Vinh Loc YD 049122    
Vinh Thanh Valley BR 6251    
West   Americal  
Whip YC 589877    
Whiskey Tower BT 018628 Alpha Battery 1st 11th Marines  
Wunder Beach YD 494565 Utah Beach, renamed Wunder Beach 3 Apr 68 Navy ship unloading facility near Hai Lang Near FSB Hardcore.  
Zon YD 472011    


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