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official documents and abbreviations

Official Documents Abbreviations 

July 26, 2014 at 10:20 PM

The abbreviations and acronyms in this list were taken from the reports on the Official Documents Section. The definitions were taken from the same reports. The reports are primarily from the 101st Airborne Division but also include documents from the 4th Infantry Division and the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

AA Anti-Aircraft
AFB Air Force Base
AFRS Armed Forces Radio Service
AGI Annual General Inspection
ALOC Air line of Communication
AO Area of Operation
APC Armored Personnel Carrier
APD Airborne Personnel Detectors
ARC LIGHT B52 missions
ASL Authorized Stockage List
ASP Ammunition Supply Point
ASR Ammunition Supply Rate
ARP Aero Rifle Platoon
ARVN Army Republic of Vietnam
A/V Audio/Visual
AVLB Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge
AW Automatic Weapon
BC Body Count
CA Civic Action, Combat Assault
CAS Close Air Support
CBR Chemical, Biological, Radiological
CBU Cluster Bomb Unit
C&C Command and Control (Aircraft)
CHICOM Chinese Communist
CI Counterintelligence
CIA Captured In Action
CIDG Civilian Irregular Defense Group
CMIT Combined Mobile Instruction Team
CMTT Combined Mobile Training Team
CORD Council on Revolutionary Development
CP Command Post
CRID Capital ROK Infantry Division
CSF Camp Strike Force
CSS Combat Sky Spot
CS Tear Gas, Crew Served
DISCOM Division Support Command
DIVARTY Division Artillery
DOD Department of Defense
DS Direct Support
DTOC Division Tactical Operations Center
EDP Equipment Deadlined for Parts
ERP Engineer Rappelling Platoon
FAC Forward Air Controller
FAOCT Forward Airfield Operations & Control Team
FASCP Forward Area Signal Center Platoon
FDC Fire Direction Center
FO Forward Observer
FOB Forward Operating Base
FRAGO Fragmentary Order
FSA Forward Support Area
FSB Fire Support Base
FSE Forward Support Element
FWMAF Free World Military Assistance Forces
GRREG Graves Registration
GS General Support
GSR General Supporting Reinforcing
Gunship Armed UH-1 Helicopter
GVN Government of Vietnam
Hac Bao Black Panthers 1st Infantry Division ARVN Recon
Hawkeye Team Four Man Hunter-Killer Team
HE High Explosive
H&I Harassment and Interdiction
Headhunter O-1E Aircraft Used for Visual Reconnaissance
Hook CH-47 "Chinook" Helicopter
ICC Installation Coordination Center
I FFORCEV I Field Force, Vietnam
IFFV I Field Force, Vietnam
IPW Interrogation of Prisoners of War
JUSPAO Joint US Public Affairs Office
KBA Killed By Air
KIA Killed in Action
LAW M72 Light Anti Tank Weapon
LF Local Force
LLOC Land Lines of Communication
LOC Line of Communication
LOH Light Observation Helicopter
LP Listening Post
LRP Long Range Patrol
LRRP Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol
LSA Logistical Supply Activity
LZ Landing Zone
MACV Military Assistance Command Vietnam
MEDCAP Medical Civic Action Program
MF Main Force
MI Military Intelligence
MIA Missing in Action
MR Military Region
MSF Mobile Strike Force
MSR Main Supply Route
MTOE Modified Table of Organization and Equipment
NCS Net Control Station
NVA North Vietnam Army
NVAC North Vietnamese Army Captive
OB Order of Battle
OP Observation Post
OPCOM Operational Control
OPLAN Operation Plan
OPORD Operation Order
PF Popular Force
PKSAC Pleiku Sub-Area Command
POLWAR Political Warfare (ARVN)
PP Preplanned
PSID Patrol Seismic Intrusion Detector
PSYOPS Psychological Operations
POW, PW Prisoner of War
RATT Radio Teletype
RCA Riot Control Agent
RD Revolutionary Development
Red Ball Emergency Requisition for Part to Remove Major Item from Deadline
RF Regional Force
RIF Reconnaissance In Force
RL Rocket Launcher
ROK Republic of Korea
RR Recoilless Rifle
RRC Radio Research Company
RVN Republic of Vietnam
SA Small Arms
Slick UH-1 Helicop0ter Used Primarily for Air Lift
SLAR Side Looking Airborne Radar
Snatch Sudden Apprehension of Suspect Person
SP Self Propelled
Spooky Air Force Minigun Armed AC-47 Flareship
SRP Short Range Patrol
SSB Single Side Band (Radio Transmission Mode)
STZ Special Tactical Zone
TACP Tactical Air Control Party
TAOR Tactical Area of Responsibility
TF Task Force
TOE Table of Organization and Equipment
TOT Time on Target
TRAIL DUST defoliation missions
USAID United States Agency for International Development
USARV United States Army, Vietnam
USSF United States Special Forces
VC Viet Cong
VCC Viet Cong Captive
VETCAP Veterinary Civic Action Program
VMC Viet Montagnard Cong
VMCC Viet Montagnard Cong Captive
VR Visual Reconnaissance
VT Variable Time
VTR Vehicle, Tank Recovery
WIA Wounded in Action
WP White Phosphorous


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