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Welcome to the CURRAHEE website!  This site is dedicated to the Veterans and Active Duty members of the famous 506th Infantry Regiment and attached units from its creation during World War II to the present. The website is here to provide current and historical information about the regiment and those who served as well as to provide a central point of contact to connect all past and present Currahees.

Air Assault Wings for Vietnam Era Vets !

Air Assault Badge.png

Fifty years after the Vietnam war ended the U.S. Army has recognized the contributions of combat veterans of the 101st Airborne and 1st Air Cavalry divisions. These were the Soldiers who pioneered the development of air assault tactics that are now an essential component of modern warfare.  At the urging of former Screaming Eagle commanders GEN David Petraeus and LTG Robert Clark and current commander MG Brian Winski, the Army is awarding a special honorary Air Assault Badge to qualified veterans of the Vietnam conflict. A presentation ceremony is being planned for the last day of the Week of the Eagles.  The announcement of the award and application is available from the 101st Airborne Association website or from our Facebook page.  An announcement of the Week of the Eagles activities will appear on this page shortly.   


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 8th Annual 2LT Justin Sisson 5K Walk/Run

Come join the Sisson family, the Florida Army National Guard and the Florida State ROTC cadets as they honor the memory of Justin Sisson who made the ultimate sacrifice for his nation in Afghanistan on June 3, 2013.  This event will take place March 13 - March 21.  Please go to for full details.  

The Alpha 1-506 Men Donate New Benches

at their Ft Campbell KIA Memorial

A fund raiser, lead by Fred May, was successful in raising enough funds to remove the original, deteriorating concrete benches and replace them with brand new granite benches.  The benches are located on either side of the reproduction of the memorial to the Alpha KIA's which sat outside the Alpha Company orderly room on Camp Evans, Vietnam.      IMG_4328.jpeg






The 2020 Week of the Eagles, the DMOR/HMOR Ceremony, and the Reunion have been



 The Officers and Directors of the Association

for the period of May, 2020 to May, 2022 are:

Chairman        Craig Oglesby (GWOT)
President         MAJ(R) Tom Duckett (Vietnam)
Treasurer         Cristy Streeter (GWOT)
Secretary         COL(R) Joe Johnson (Vietnam)
Director           Fred May (Vietnam)
Director           LTC(R) Joel Hamby (GWOT)
Director           LTC Dave Schulz (GWOT)
Director           Wesley Bass (GWOT)
Director           SFC(R ) Jim Daigle (GWOT)
Director           Bob Leibecke (Vietnam)
Director           Jimmy Summer (GWOT)
Director           Richard Keiser (Vietnam) 

This represent a changing of the guard.  This is the first time that the predominance 

of the board is comprised of members from the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) era.


Congratulations, Do Von Hap!

Do Von Hap.png

As Custodian of the Regiment, "Red Currahee" was honored to have Gary Gilliam and Glenn Shuman, Veterans of Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion 506th Infantry at battalion headquarters on August 19th to accept the certification as Distinguished Member Regiment on behalf of Mr. Do Von Hap.  Mr. Von Hap was nominated, and approved, in recognition of his exemplary combat service in the Vietnam War.  LTC Jeff Farmer and CSM Larry Zawisza made the presentation on behalf of the regiment.

Von Hap served in the Chiêu Hồi Program, after defecting from the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and aligning with the Republic of South Vietnam, as a Kit Carson Scout.  He was assigned to Charlie Company and became an extremely valuable member of the rifle platoons.  Von Hap understood the area of operations better than any American Soldier because of his experiences with the NVA in the mountains prior to joining our company.  During the continuous combat faced by 2nd Battalion during the Ripcord and Lam Son 719 campaigns in the jungle covered mountains near the DMZ with North Vietnam, Von Hap provided invaluable information about the terrain, trail markings and NVA combat tactics.  This knowledge of NVA tactics genuinely saved the lives of many of Charlie Company Soldiers.

Do Von Hap is the only non-American who has ever been selected for DMOR recognition by the 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment.  Currahee!  

UPDATE: Currahee Memorial Paver Project

The first pavers are in place at the Currahee Memorial

Pavers at Memorial.JPGBrick Pavers Close Up.png

September 2018: At Fort Campbell, KY a group of Currahee volunteers and Tom Gamble Trucking placed the first set of memorial brick pavers into the ground at the Currahee Memorial. The Currahee Memorial stands as the only memorial to all the soldiers of the 506th Regiment who have been killed in action since the unit was formed July 20, 1942. More than 1,400 Currahee have made the supreme sacrifice for our country; their names are forever remembered here; at the Currahee Memorial Fort Campbell, KY.

 Tom Gamble Trucking.jpegBrick Pavers Volunteers.jpegTom Gamble.jpeg

August 17-19, 2020:  Vietnam era veterans, along with Active Duty Soldiers will join together to install approximately 250 pavers at the Currahee Memorial.  On the 17th and 18, we will be installing pavers largely from Charlie Company, 2-506.  These pavers will be honoring those Soldiers killed or wounded in action along with Soldiers who were with these troopers when the combat action took place.  On the 19th, we will be installing approximately 80 pavers representing those Currahees killed in action in Vietnam from Alpha Company, 1-506.  If you have time, stop by and lend a hand.  


Order online at: That'sMyBrick.com

Currahees In the News

New Book from Christopher Adams,

Co A, 3-506th, 1967-1968

 Echoes from Vietnam ... Whispers of the Disposable Soldiers

 is a 568-page, actual account by the disposable soldiers who served in war-torn Vietnam. This authoritative biography shares their stories in their own words. Raw and real, the horrors of the Vietnam War of the 60s are revealed in an unembellished prose that will enable the reader to grasp the reality of these disposable soldiers and the hell they survived . . . or didn’t. (Includes maps and photos.)

Endorsed by Mike Krawczyk, 3rd Battalion Veteran and Distinguished Member of the Regiment and Retired Colonel Joe Alexander, Past President and Chairman of the 101st Association  

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Available from Amazon


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The Association is recognized as a Tax Exempt Veterans Organization under IRS Code Section 501(c) (19).  The Association offers a variety of services and programs in support of its members, including its Charitable Programs as outlined under Programs and Giving. For giving purposes, our FEIN is 91-2088108. We invite you to participate in supporting Association programs through your tax deductible contributions.

The website, the Association Facebook page and newsletter connect all Currahees as well as their families, friends, and supporters.

Tribute to Eugene Overton, Jr.

Gene Overton Veterans.jpgGene Overton was a giant of a man both literally and figuratively. Gene served in C/1-506 Gene Overton Vietnam.jpgInfantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell and in Vietnam where he was awarded a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars, one with a V device. He was co founder of The 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association and served as its president for many years. In addition Gene was a member of the Association's board of directors, served on numerous committees, and was editor of the Association's newsletter. Gene also personally funded a $1,000 yearly scholarship thru the Association's college scholarship program.

Gene Overton at Currahee Memorial.jpgGene's life was all about service to others. Not only did he give to his local community but he gave to the Currahee Nation.Gene sent packages to deployed Currahees, welcomed them home from deployments, was constantly on the phone with veterans along with active duty soldiers, and stayed in touch with people all over the world.

Without Gene Overton there would be no 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association. If you are reading this on our web site, it is due to his efforts. If you are a member of the Association it is because of him. Gene was many things to many people, but for those of us in the 506th Association who knew him he was a Currahee.

Alfred M. May

506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association


Uncommon Devotion


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Marcel Jungbauer and his children have visited the American cemetery in Hamm/Luxemburg for many years – particularly to tend to the grave of Sgt. Gordon E. Mather, Company F, 506th Parachute Infantry who was KIA outside Bastogne, December 20, 1944.  The 506th Airborne Infantry Association is proud and thankful for the Jungbauer family and privledged to call them friends.  Marcel Jungbauer was awarded the title of Honorary Member of the Regiment in 2013 because of his families history of caring for our military KIA.

$7,500 in College Scholarships AwardedScholarship.jpg

The Association has just announced the winners of our fall 2020 College Scholarships. Click the button below for complete information on the scholarships and winners, or for just the winner's names: see the information in the right margin.

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