2009 Currahee Rendezvous

May 28-30, 2009
Delta Ballroom, Opryland Resort, Nashville, TN

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photos from MAJ Pat Seiber (4th BCT Public Affairs Officer, 2007-2009)
More than 3,500 Currahee soldiers, veterans, and guests attended the ball.
Soldiers modeled uniforms from all eras of Currahee history.
Commanding officers and CSMs from the 4BCT brigade and battalions each added ingredients to the regimental punchbowl to make the traditional Currahee Grog.

Vietnam Currahee veteran Eugene Overton, Jr. (C Co, 1st BN, 1967-1968; Co-founder and President Emeritus of the 506th Association) added the Vietnamese Rice Wine.

To the right of the punchbowl is the legendary Sink Grail of the 506th PIR Currahees. On the left is the new Currahee Commander's Cup. 
The Currahee Grog was drunk for the evening's toasts.

(L): COL Pete Johnson (Commander, 4BCT, 506th) presents gifts to the guest speaker, LTG(R) Robert F. Foley (US Army 1963-2000; MOH) and father of MAJ David C. Foley (HHC, 2nd BN, 506th, 2007-current).

Photos provided by Octavio Laguna (C Co, 2nd BN, 506th, 1964-1966)
LTG(R) Foley and Octavio Laguna (C Co, 2nd BN, 506th, 1964-1966)

Octavio's company commander in Vietnam knew LTG Foley when Foley was commander of A/2-27th Inf Regt, 25th Infantry Division.
Dancing till midnight to the music of the Joel Brown Band
(Sitting L-R): Marcia Lally, Ruth Laguna, and Ruth Helwig (Standing L-R): Ron Helwig (B Co, 1st ABG, 506th, 1960-1962); Gene Overton (C Co, 1st BN, 1967-1968); Octavio Laguna (C Co, 2nd BN, 506th, 1964-1966); Hoyt Bruce Moore, III (A Co, 1st BN, 506th, 1970-1971); Peggy Pearson; and John Lally (A Co, 1st BN, 506th, 1970-1971)