Charitable Programs and Giving

Association operations are supported by Membership Dues, Donations, Sponsorships and Advertising. Officers and Committee Members are volunteers who receive no compensation or reimbursement for personal expenses. Operating funds are used only for Association unaffiliated third party expenses. Association charitable programs are supported by donations made to each specific charitable program. 100% of donations are used for such programs, only interest income from savings is used for administrative expenses.

The Association is recognized as a Tax Exempt Veterans Organization under IRS Code Section 501(c) (19).  Donors making contributions to the Association can deduct such donations on their personal or corporate tax filings, as provided for by IRS rules and regulations. The Association is listed in IRS Publication 78, Cumulative List of Organizations described in Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, which is the list of organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.

For exemption/deduction purposes, the Association Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 91-2088108.

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Leave a remembrance that will last for all time

Order Online Currahee Memorial Brick Paver Project



Download Poster [18x24 pdf]

This poster is generating interest in communities in the upper Midwest. It originated at the battalion dinners at Fort Campbell during the Rendezvous this spring. The association presented the original banners to each battalion and to the brigade HQ. The banners simply voiced three phrases rarely heard by Vietnam vets until recently —Welcome Home, Well Done and Thanks for your service.

The response has been and is gratifying.

Our hope is that no veteran—ever— will return from overseas to the reception the warrior of Korea and Vietnam faced. After the Rendezvous I returned to Minnesota and printed copies for our local 101st, VFW and VVA chapters. Since that time I’ve had many requests for copies and have been printing them on request and watched them as the show up in bars, gas stations, city halls, schools, stores and offices.

The demand for them is increasing beyond my capacity to produce them. To meet that demand I’ve uploaded a high-resolution .pdf file you can take to a printer or business store for a good-quality copy of the 18”x 24” version of the original. This file is being put in the public domain, and here is no charge for use…but you must agree to these terms of use:

  1. You may not copy for sale or other commercial use;
  2. You may not use the poster in any manner that disparages veterans, active duty troops or our nation’s military.
  3. When using or transferring the file, be sure that credit is given to the 506th Airborne Infantry Association as the source.

Thank you,
John Lally, Chairman of the Board