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A memorir of SSG Robert Webb, Sr., member of the famed 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment during World War II. This is his personal story of the parachute jump into Normandy, the jump into Holland, and being part of the force that held Bastogne against the Germans' "run to the sea". Altogether, 247 days of front-line combat from Normandy to Hitler's hideaway in Berchtesgaden, Austria.

It takes Webb 50 years before he is willing to set it all down on paper. Very few veterans can talk about their war experience. Webb feels that when you are in combat and your life is on the line, there is no time for grief or sorrow. You have to stay alive and get on with the battle at hand. The grief is put away, on a shelf, to be considered later.

Over the years those memories stay in place and cause pain when they are looked at. The grieving starts all over again. Webb says that is the hard part. Learning how to cry for the ones you left behind. Visiting the American Cemetery at Colleville sur Mer and finding that it does not matter who is in the grave; they are all Americans, and they all died for freedom.

The greatest feeling is when you find a whole nation of people, such as the Dutch, come up to you and than you for THEIR freedom. The Dutch children have been taught where their liberation came from, and they are so grateful!

Robert Webb, Jr. has donated copies of his father's book to the 506th Association, with all income from the sales of these books being donated to the 506th Association Widows, Orphans & Wounded Soldiers Fund.

x $10.00

The Official CURRAHEE BATTLE FLAG of the 506th Regiment incorporates the historic elements of the entire 506th Regiment.

A tri-color flag with 3 stripes represent the three Battalions: red of 1st Battalion, white of 2nd Battalion and blue of 3rd Battalion. The Spade, Para-dice patch and crest of the Currahee are represented on the tri-color field. "Stands Alone" the Currahee slogan lines the bottom of the flag with the Regimental title "CURRAHEE" printed atop the flag with pride. All flags are 3ftx5ft with grommets.
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{Pin} Lapel Currahee Shield

extra small (3/8"x1/2")--backorder--

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{Pin} Officer Cross Rifles

(1-1/2"x7/8")--on backorder--

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{Pin} Airborne Wings - Antique

(1-3/4" x 7/8")--on backorder--

{Pin} Air Assault Wings - Bright

(1-3/4" x 7/8")--on backorder
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{Pin} Para-Dice

--on backorder--

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