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The Association offers two stores for Currahee swag.

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Clothing items: Shirts, Coats, Household items.  Brands include:  
Eddie Bauer
New Era
The North Face
Under Armour 
Guide to shopping the Currahee PX.
Large Items: CURRAHEE BATTLE FLAGS, {Book} Freedom Found and the Association Challenge Coin.
Small Items: Decals, Patches and Pins
The Quartermaster Store order forms can be printed and mailed with payment to:
          The 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association
          ATTN: Quartermaster
          4160 Atkins Road
          Cunningham, TN 37052
You may also contact us at 931-820-1506 to place an order.

Shipping Information

x $10.00

The Official CURRAHEE BATTLE FLAG of the 506th Regiment incorporates the historic elements of the entire 506th Regiment.

A tri-color flag with 3 stripes represent the three Battalions: red of 1st Battalion, white of 2nd Battalion and blue of 3rd Battalion. The Spade, Para-dice patch and crest of the Currahee are represented on the tri-color field. "Stands Alone" the Currahee slogan lines the bottom of the flag with the Regimental title "CURRAHEE" printed atop the flag with pride. All flags are 3ftx5ft with grommets.
x $40.00
x $55.00


x $5.00

x $5.00

x $3.00

x $5.00


x $6.00



x $6.00

{Pin} Lapel Currahee Shield

extra small (3/8"x1/2")--backorder--

x $6.00

{Pin} Officer Cross Rifles

(1-1/2"x7/8")--on backorder--

x $6.00

{Pin} Airborne Wings - Antique

(1-3/4" x 7/8")--on backorder--

{Pin} Air Assault Wings - Bright

(1-3/4" x 7/8")--on backorder

{Pin} Para-Dice

--on backorder--

x $7.50
x $4.00

x $7.50
x $4.00