506th Association Administrative Team

The association is primarily managed by the volunteer officers and members of the board of directors.  We do have an Administrative Assistant and who is responsible for keeping our membership and accounting records current, updating our website and keeping our lines of communications open with members and the public.


Kelli Loar - Administrative Assistant

Kelli joined the 506th Administration Team in September of 2015. She is responsible for keeping membership and accounting records current, updating our website and communicating with members and the public. Kelli brings to the post considerable background in working with soldiers and their families. She is married to a career soldier who served with the Currahees and is the mother of two school-age children.



Axcess Corporation™ - IT Support (website/email)
Axcess Corporation (formerly Axcess Internet Services, Inc.) was founded by our fellow Currahee, Jim Restucci.  His company has provided hosting and email services for the association for the last 15 years free of charge and he personally provides IT Support pro bono whenever called upon by the Administrative Team. More information about Axcess can be found on their website at www.axcess.us.  

For website and email problems please submit a Support Ticket.