Note:  This page is being revised.  We have just ordered resupply of 11 items.  Once they arrive, we will publish a revised order form.

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Large Items: CURRAHEE BATTLE FLAGS and the Association Challenge Coin.
Small Items: Decals, Patches and Pins
The Quartermaster Store order forms can be printed and mailed with payment to:
          The 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association
          ATTN: Quartermaster
          4160 Atkins Road
          Cunningham, TN 37052
You may also contact us at 931-820-1506 to place an order.

Large Items - Photos and Descriptions


Association Challenge CoinAssociation Challenge Coin

(1" x 1/2" diameter)

Member Price $8.00

Non-Member Price $10.00

Currahee Battle Flag 3ft x 5ftCurrahee Battle Flag 3ft x 5ft

 Single-sided:  Member Price $35.00; Non-Member Price $40.00

 Double-sided: Member Price $50.00; Non-Member Price $55.00

Map Fire Spt RVNI Corps Fire Support Base (FSB)  Map, Republic of Vietnam

(26.5" x 18")

NOTE:  The Association will no longer stock the FSB map.  This and other maps are available at no cost on the Internet. offers this and many other maps.  The I Corps Map Resources are located in the middle column of Page One of Georgia Tech Professor Tom Pilsch's  very comprehensive website.


Small Items - Photos and Descriptions 


currahee shield decal.jpg

Currahee Shield {Decal} 

Member Price: $4.00

Non-Member Price: $5.00






Airborne Currahee Shield {Decal}

Member Price $4.00

Non-Member Price: $5.00





506th Association Static-Cling window {Decal} 8"x5"

Member Price: $2.00

Non-Member Price: $3.00



Para-Dice {Decal}   Out of Stock on Back Order

Member Price: $4.00

Non-Member Price: $5.00



currahee shield patch.jpg


Currahee Shield {Patch}

Member Price: $5.00

Non-Member Price: $6.00




101 506 currahee patch.jpg


101st (Screaming Eagle) Airborne/Currahee Shield {Patch}

Member Price: $5.00

Non-Member Price $6.00



air assault wings patch.gif


Currahee Shield with Air Assault Wings {Patch}

Member Price: $5.00

Non-Member Price: $6.00


para dice patch.gif


Para-Dice {Patch} Out of Stock on Back Order

Member Price: $5.00

Non-Member Price: $6.00