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May 15-19:  Hamburger Hill Reunion - Clarksville, TN at the Riverview Inn.

May 19-25:  Week of the Eagle - Fort Campbell, KY.

June 12-16:  CURRAHEE RENDEZVOUS - Fort Campbell, KY and Clarksville, TN.  Active Duty and Veterans Welcome.

July 13-16:  Alpha Co., 1-506 Vietnam Vets Reunion - Fort Wayne, IN.

August 1-6:  101st Airborne Vietnam Veterans Organization Reunion - Colorado Springs, CO.  Hotel Elegante'.

August 23-26:  101st Airborne Division Association 72nd Annual Reunion and 75th Anniversary - Nashville, TN.  Airport Marriott.

October 2-5:  Ripcord Association Reunion - Laughlin, NV.

October 5-7:  Charlie Co., 2-506 Vietnam Vets Reunion - Toccoa, GA.


May 16-19: 2018 CURRAHEE REUNION - Fort Benning: Home of the Infantry! Columbus, GA. Hilton Garden Inn.


Past Reunion Information: 2016 Currahee Reunion and 20th Anniversary

May 11th - 14th, 2016 The 506th Association held its 2016 Currahee Reunion at the Riverview Inn - 50 College Street, Clarksville, TN 931-552-3331.

This event marked our 20th Anniversary. In 1996 a small group of Currahees held a reunion at the Riverview Inn and decided to form the 506th Association. Twenty years later we returned return to the birthplace of the 506th Association.

ALL 506th Currahee veterans, active duty soldiers of the Regiment as well as their families and friends were invited to attend.

A buffet dinner was held on Thursday, May 12, and The Currahee Memorial Dinner on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Clarksville proximity to Fort Campbell allowed the Association to coordinate with the active duty Currahees of 1st and 2nd Battalion to offer events on Post during the reunion.  In addition to the two dinners, mentioned above, there was a General Membership Meeting held Saturday morning. Throughout the reunion week the Hospitality Room, Historical Display and Quartermaster Sales rooms were open for Currahees to meet and renew friendships, or make new ones. As always there was also be plenty of time available for getting together with friends or for holding small group events and re-explore Fort Campbell, a place where many Currahees once called "home" so many years ago.

Currahee Reunions have been a rousing success, we hope to continue to encourage active duty Currahees to attend, they are the future of the 506th Infantry Regiment.

Thank you for making 2016 a wonderful event, we look forward to seeing you next time!

2015 Hamburger Hill Week Recap


A small group of Currahee Vietnam veterans accepted the invitation from and were the guests of the 506th Infantry Regiment, and attended the Hamburger Hill reunion activities that took place 12-14 May at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. This event commemorates the Battle of Hamburger Hill (Dong Ap Bia, Republic of Vietnam) where elements of the 101st Airborne Division defeated the 29th North Vietnamese Army Regiment in a pitched battle that lasted almost a week.

The 1st Battalion Commander - LTC David R. Waters and the 2nd Battalion Commander - LTC Kurt J. Smith included many events for Vietnam veterans and active duty soldiers. There was, a memorial tribute with wreathe laying ceremony, a screening of the movie "Hamburger Hill" a dining out with Vietnam veterans and active duty soldiers of the 506th Infantry Regiment, and a day at the firing ranges for veterans. Veterans were able to fire the weapons used by today's soldiers to include the M9 - 9mm Pistol; M4 – 5.56mm Carbine; M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) – 5.56mm Light Machine Gun; and M240B Medium Machine Gun – 7.62 mm.

In addition to the current weapons a few veterans were able too fire a WWII M1 Garand rifle. Below is a picture of Fred May firing the M1 at Range 16, Fort Campbell, KY. (picture credit COL (R) Joe Johnson)


Past Reunion Information: 2014 Currahee Reunion

September 10 - 13, 2014 the 506th Association held its 2014 Currahee Reunion at the Radisson Hotel Branson -120 South Wildwood Drive, Branson, MO 65616 [417 335-5767].2014CurraheeReunionCover.jpgSee the list of attendees below of those Currahees who participated in the 2014 Reunion.

See schedule of events below.

A buffet dinner was held on Thursday, September 11 and The Currahee Memorial Dinner on Saturday September 13.

In addition, to the two dinners mentioned above the Association held a General Membership Meeting Saturday morning.  Throughout the reunion the Association opened a Reunion Hospitality/Display Room as well as a PX with many of the Association’s Quartermaster Items available for sale.

There was plenty of time available for getting together with friends or for holding small group events. There was also ample time to enjoy the many things available to do in Branson.